[Moon-net] Photos database of EME antennas - next update

jjm jjm_f1ehn at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 2 15:05:34 CET 2008

Dear EMErs,
Today, there are 88 photos on the database covering the EME bands from 6m to
1.2cm. The goal of this database is to quickly display during a QSO the
photo antenna and the location of a DX station. Of course, the database
could be browsed with other tools than EME System and at any moment.

I have planned to add the last received photos to a new package at the end
of November. 
If you wish to add your antenna's photo, please send it via email + info as
indicated below:
- a photo of your antenna (1 per band) (640*480 pxl or more)
- a comment / title of this photo (ex : F6KSX 3cm - 3.3m dish)
- latitude and longitude of the antenna**
- your grid square (locator)
- the nearest city to check the location of the photo
- web site ?

Find more information on my web site at the "download" page

Thank you.
Best 73.

** Because a few people asked me about that, you can keep "secret" the exact
position of your antenna with giving only the grid square or approximated
lat/lon (like for a QSO or QSL card or current web site info)....

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