[Moon-net] HB9Q logs updated

Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ dan at hb9q.ch
Sat Nov 1 13:49:49 CET 2008

Dear friends

We have up-dated the logs of the QSO's we made in October on 144, 432 and
1296! Please have a look at www.hb9q.ch

October was a good month and it was very nice to work several new DXCC (144
and 432) and a good number of new stations on all 3 bands!

During the first part of the ARRL EME Contest we did not use any logger,
chat, DXcluster, sked or similar! So all random and unassisted! We are
pretty happy with the results, however we worked considerably less new
initials (compared to the last year). It looks like newcomers need some help
(chats, loggers or skeds) to know where to look for stations off the moon.

We are very much looking forward to the November leg of the ARRL EME
Contest! See our home-page for our plans. If we did not work yet, we hope
we'll QSO in the second leg!

vy 73

head of HB9Q


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