[Moon-net] Public Apologies to "QRO Stuff"

nando.pellegrini at tiscali.it nando.pellegrini at tiscali.it
Sat Nov 1 12:53:49 CET 2008

It took exactly 5 months to get the GS35B tube but finally today I have got it from QRO Stuff, the justification was a problem with the Italian custom saying that the description of the good was not clear enough and therefore they have returned the parcel to the sender.The 5 months elapsed time was apparently due to physiological latency in such kind of process.
Pavel Popov finally sent to me to tube, which I have got today, from Finland so avoiding customs. 
I consequently had to revise my opinion toward “QRO Stuff” that still lacks of an adequate communication capability but at this point other than that I can only guarantee that waiting for so long without knowing why will upset everybody.
Sorry for the bandwith occupation on moon net but I felt like a duty to write this note.
Best 73Nando i1ndp

-Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 13:17:11 +0200 (CEST)-From: "nando.pellegrini at tiscali.it" <nando.pellegrini at tiscali.it>-Subject: [Moon-net] Do not buy from "QRO stuff"-To: moon-net at list-serv.davidv.net-Message-ID:-	<9748465.269691223983031990.JavaMail.defaultUser at defaultHost>-Content-Type: text/plain;charset="UTF-8"-I- have seen several warnings going on moon-net on the same subject but looking for a GS35B supplier I could not find on WEB an alternative so decided to t-ake the risk.--The story started last May, I ordered the tube paid immediately via Pay pal , within a few days I received the confirmation of the shipping with the not that it -would take up to 5 weeks to delivery because of customs between Russia & Italy (so far so good).--Waited patiently than, once the 5 weeks expired, reassured because it was holiday time but not to worry because in case of loosing the parcel he was willing -to send me another tube.-The story went on-for more with many delays in-between because he was always ?on trip? as he said but again he reassured me he was going to ship the tube from Sweden ----this time so to avoid customs being in Europe.-While the-discussion was going on I didn?t pay attention to the expiring of 45 days maximum available time for a complain via Paypal  (and that sounds as a smart -------strategy).
-I skipped a few passages but the conclusion was that now is not even answering anymore to emails.-I am , by now,-considering that as a life lesson but even if  ?QRO stuff? is not anymore an eBay shop I know that such people are like a phoenix and I am afraid that he will -show up unchanged in a near future so we?d better pay attention.
-Fortunately I could find another tube here in Italy 
-Best 73 & see you off the moon-Nando i1ndp


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