PE1ITR-8 DXCluster

sysop: Rob PE1ITR. My website.

Welcome to the website of Spider DXCluster PE1ITR-8 Eindhoven, The netherlands

This dxcluster has been online 24/7 since 2006. You can connect via internet or hamnet by telnet:

  • internet telnet: 7300
  • hamnet telnet: 7300

    DXSpider Usermanual with command reference: Manual

    Additional information

    This dxcluster runs on Spider software. It's a regular dxcluster like any other.

    The country files and usdb database are automatically updated every month. In addition, this dxcluster has 2 local database for VHF operators to look up the current locators. When logging in, the screen shows usage information and the date when the databases where last updated.

    This cluster is part of a radio propagation alert system with some special features alerting users if propagation on VHF and UHF is present. I call this system PE1ITR-6 and more info about it is on this website.

    PE1ITR-8 Usage

    DXCluster statistics