Welcome to the website of Spider DXCluster PE1ITR-8 Eindhoven, The netherlands

This cluster is 24/7 online and can be connected via internet or hamnet:
internet telnet: 7300 or web access
hamnet telnet: 7300

DXCluster statistics
DXSpider User Manual

This cluster is part of a radio propagation alert system with some special features alerting users if propagation on VHF and UHF is present. At the moment we alert by email, sms, twitter and paging for E-skip, Multi-hop/F2, Aurora on 50MHz, 70MHz and 144MHz. Tropo alerts only on 144MHz and 432MHz.

Paging POCSAG 2400bd on 439.9875MHz

The propagation alert system is called PE1ITR-6 This system is running LIVE MUF V7 software as engine with a mysql database and addon software.

The second part is the PE1ITR-7: AR Cluster server v6. This cluster is not alway active. This cluster node is for our contest station and acts as cluster spot aggregator. Mostly collecting data from cwskimmers.

PE1ITR-7 hamnet telnet: port 7373

SAM: Online magnetometer for aurora warning

DX Cluster server
sysop: Rob PE1ITR
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